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May 17th, 2006 (09:54 pm)

OK, I'm again, but for reals this time.

Today went quite smoothly except for the fact that its wednesday and I usually splurge on wednesdays. I decided to go at WW at a different angle. I realized that my metabolism, well, sucks. I did some research online last night and came up with some information on how to boost the metabolism without supplements. The key is to consume more B vitamins, B vitamins stimulate the metabolism. I also read to eat smaller meals through out the day. Since I work, eating a few meals a day is a little hard for me, so I just packed my breakfast (I didn't have time to finish it at home today), my lunch, a 100 calorie package of ritz chips and some fruit and veggie snacks. My new strategy is eat my snacks when I get hungry, what a concept!

What I read also said to get moving. Lucky for me the weather managed to clear up enough today for me to go to Brady's Run Park and walk two miles after work this afternoon. I tried to do three miles but my ankle that I sprained two years ago, started to hurt me really bad. It has been giving a ton problems lately. It has been hurting and theres some swelling. : (

Friday is pay day and I am going to Target to pick up a stability ball and hopefully a video to go along with it. I read that with the Leslie Sansone (I just can't get enough of her!)you can loose a significant amount of inches if done 2-3 times a week. Chad and I are also looking to buy me a bike so that we can ride around. I haven't ridden a bike since I was about 14 when I used to go to the trails around here.

While it seems that I was good today and have everything figured out, I'm not all that good. I skipped weigh in tonight (i had a bad week)and I ate alot of Pizza Joes Veggie Pizza (6pts a slice), but I am going to redeem myself. Tomorrow Chad and I are going to the Olive Garden when he gets back from San Francisco and I already know what I am getting. I am going to get the minestrone soup instead of the salad (i end up wasting it because Chad doesn't eat it), and the linguine marina (lunch portion) made with wheat pasta instead of the regular pasta. I am also going to have the server bring only enough breadsticks for Chad. Also, Chad was going to get me pierogies from Ambridge on Friday and I told him tonight not to. I don't need them and the butter that they come swimming in (and taste so wonderfully in!). Also, I told him I will not eat anything when we go to Nationality Days on Saturday. I swear to God, this has worked before and it will work again!


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I <3 Lean Cuisine Panini's!

January 4th, 2006 (11:42 pm)

Can you say yum? I sure as hell can. I tried the steak and cheese one and let me tell you I couldn't believe that I was eating something that was light (sounds cliche i know). It had chopped steak, cheddar cheese, carmelized onions and mushrooms. You put it in the microwave on this weird disk that has spaces in it and kind of looks like a stove burner. This disk though is pretty sweet because it toasts the bread of the sandwich while its cooking in the microwave oven. It works so much better than the trays that they have you make microwavable french bread pizza on. Anyways, I paired my panini with a salad that I threw together this morning (romaine mix, 2% cheddar cheese, and some freshly cracked black pepper).

I stayed on my points today pretty well. I had some cereal for breakfast with a cut up banana and some coffee. For lunch i had the sandwhich and the salad and one of my favorite weight watchers lemon cakes yummy! For dinner Chad made ham loaf (like mama used to make!) with julienne potatos and sugar snap peas. i had a salad with that. I decided that I am done for the night since I snacked around while dinner was cooking. That's my weakness I snack too much while I am waiting for dinner to cook. Actually though, I am realizing that I do this when I have to wait a while for dinner to cook. The ham loaf took about 2 hours to cook and i came home about 30 minutes into the cooking process. This is good I am starting to figure out what my weakness is. To correct this, next time it is taking a while for my dinner to cook I will snack on some celery and maybe some peanut butter, or have another banana or a kiwi perhaps.

Anyways time for me to get ready to go to sleep.


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New Year, New Attitude

January 3rd, 2006 (10:03 pm)

Well here I am again. It has been a while since I have updated this journal. I have decided since it is a new year that I am going to change my attitude. I have gained back almost all of the weight that I lost on WW in the last three years. There for a while I just didn't care I would just sit there and feel sorry for myself after I ate a bunch of crap.

So far I am off to a good start. I stuck to my points today quite well. I ate breakfast that consisted of Yoplait light yogurt and some WW vanilla cinnamon cereal on top. For lunch I had a chicken salad made from left over chicken that I marinated and baked the oven last night. And for dinner tonight we had moroccan chicken legs with Rice A Roni (made with Pam instead of butter or margerine!) green beans and a salad. I am left with enough points to enjoy a slim-a-bear klondike before bed.

Also, Chad and I started walking tonight. We walked pretty damn far. I am so glad that we moved to a place that actually allows us to walk. When he lived in the apartment there wasn't anywhere to walk, if we wanted to walk we had to walk around the parkinglot like idiots, or we had to drive to take a walk which was rather contradictory.

I am also quite proud of myself because I journaled. Journaling has been pretty hard for me lately. I try to do it and i just sort of quit somewhere in the middle of the day. I can do this. I really can. I 've done it before. I just need to take it day by day.

This really isn't on the subject of WW but the birth control that I am on right now is freakin awesome. I don't think that I rave about it enough. I haven't gained massive amounts of weight while taking it like I did when I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen. I have been taking Yasmin since the beginning of October and I feel awesome. When I was on Ortho I was mean, nasty, and i was eating everything in sight. With Yasmin, it makes me want to eat less since sometimes it makes my sense of smell stronger.

Anyways, I am going to wait for Chad to get out of the shower so that we can watch Alton Brown together and I can eat my slim-a-bear! Oh yeah, tomorrow I am going to try one of the new Lean Cuisine Panini Sandwiches. I love the veggie panini from Houlihans which is why I decided to try the LC one. Look for a review tomorrow!

Love Yas


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The wayward one returns

February 4th, 2005 (01:05 pm)

After quite a hiatus from this journal i am returning today. After gaining at WI last night I decided that drastic measures must be taken. I am about 10 pounds from where I was two years when I started weight watchers and this is unacceptable. So starting today I am going to obsessively journal my points and I also went to walmart last night and bought some trim spa. Now before you all yell at me and tell me i am going to weight watchers hell for this stunt, please hear me out.

I am doing this to sorta give my metabolism a nudge. My metabolism sucks ass, I hate it. If i even eat a tic tac i gain like 10 pounds and its really frustrating. I can watch people around me (mainly chad) put away junk 24/7 and I eat that tic tac and i need to run a fucking marathon. its annoying and very disheartening. I wish i could eat all this stuff, but at the same time i dont want to be a lardass all my life. I figured that something needs to be done about this. And so far trimspa has been pretty cool. I took one before i ate my yogurt this morning and I was pretty full from yogurt. I plan on taking two before lunch and then two before dinner. So far I am in a really good mood and i have energy. Now before you think I'm abusing trim spa and taking and then binge eating, i'm not. I am still going to follow weight watchers to the T. Breakfast was 2 points, and lunch will be 6 since i am having some baked pierogies. That leaves me points for dinner. Chad is taking me to Mallorca for paella. granted paella is high in points, but i am going to use some flex points. But also with the pills making me feel full chances are i wont eat too much of it. i will eat the chicken and seafood first since its protein and i think that i have been craving protein lately.

Anyways catch you all on the flip side!

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Major NSV

October 23rd, 2004 (08:34 pm)

current mood: ecstatic

Ok heres something to make me feel even better after loosing this past week (The first time i lost since July).

I work at Victoria's Secret and because of this i get discounts at the Limited and Express. Today after work i went down to Express for the hell of it and figured that i would look around and chances are nothing would fit me. I took a huge stack of clothes into the fitting room and......IT ALL FIT BUT THE PAIR OF JEANS!!! Yay!!! I can wear a size 12 in Express pants/skirts! Wooo hoo! The last time i wore something from Express was in 7th grade!

xposted to my journal

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October 23rd, 2004 (08:32 pm)

current mood: ecstatic

Ok heres something to make me feel even better after loosing this past week.

I work at Victoria's Secret and because of this i get discounts at the Limited and Express. Today after work i went down to Express for the hell of it and figured that i would look around and chances are nothing would fit me. I took a huge stack of clothes into the fitting room and......IT ALL FIT BUT THE PAIR OF JEANS!!! Yay!!! I can wear a size 12 in Express pants/skirts! Wooo hoo! The last time i wore something from Express was in 7th grade!

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October 21st, 2004 (06:48 pm)

So I weighed in tonight like every other thursday night and guess what??? I lost .2 pounds! woo! Yeah its a measly .2 pounds but still! Thats a half a stick of butter! I said i would take it since i its the first time since mid july that ive actually lost! Soo wooo go me woot woot woot!

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Leslie Sansone

October 9th, 2004 (01:29 pm)

Today I went and helped out with one of WORD's lunch bunch events. It was the Leslie Sansone Walk the Walk on and I must say that it was really fun!

We ended up walking 3 miles in 45 minutes. it wasn't hard and it didnt kick my ass! It didnt need to stop or modify my movement and i worked up a SWEAT! Wooo! Sweat is good that means that my body is burning calories and fat! that makes me happy. I am so thrilled that I went today! I seriously think that I want to go buy her videos. Clare tried to talk me into buying some today but i really didn't have the cash. Maybe Santa can bring them for me this christmas!

Anyways I need to get ready to go. Chad and I are taking a pilgrimmage to Costco. Hopefully I can find some good low point things there.


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What Frosts My Flakes (A Grocery Store Rant that only a few esteemed colleagues will read)

October 5th, 2004 (09:44 pm)

Tonight I had to do my grocery shopping since there was really nothing to eat in my house and dad was complaining. So anyways I'm cruising Walmart because its the only cheap place to grocery shop anymore even though i feel insanely dirty after shopping there. There is one thing besides the prices that keep me shopping there and that is the Weight Watchers Brand bread. Lately though I have been having a hard time finding it since I am from a pretty small area, but I always going and try to find it only to have my hopes dashed. Tonight was no different, it wasn't there only the nasty weight watchers bagels that turn my stomach.

I read a thread the other day on the weight watchers message boards about fluffernutter sandwiches and i was insanely excited to see the jar of fluff in the holiday baking aisle in between the grocery side and the walmart side. Of course I jumped at the chance to buy a 96 cent jar of fluff to make into marshmallowy/peanutbuttery goodness. The real battle was about to ensue, however, I had to go find bread.

So i cruised nonchalantly down the bread aisle trying to keep my eyes peeled for packaging that screamed out LIGHT! to me. Of course i came across two brands, wonder and schwabels none of which i wanted. I spied some delicious brownberry buttermilk bread that i honestly crave some days, i also found some rich oatmeal and nine grain breads that claim to be healthy only to have me look at the label only to see that the serving size is one slice and the calories are through the roof while the fiber content hangs out on the grocery store floor. This is when I get upset.

I feel that i am punished for trying to better myself. 65% percent of this country is overweight, I unfortunately am one of those people. I am a statistic, been there, done that, wrote the book, and designed the fucking tshirt. I don't want to be this way, I want to be a success story, but i find it getting harder and harder. I to want to eat like my friends, i want to enjoy cheese cake, i want to enjoy alcohol, i want to eat tons of cheese, I want to be normal, and above all, I want to be healthy. Unfortunately though, I have to pick my battles and I know that I can't have all that stuff and still be healthy. I know with weight watchers i can eat those things but i want to eat them without feeling bad about it later. and generally i do feel bad after i eat certain things. Hell, it has even gotten to the point in my birth control weight gain that I am afraid to eat anything. To me everything is the enemy, i stared that enemy in the face, the enemy that was white, light and fluffy, though I am proud to say that I defeated this enemy with flying colors and bought that nasty ass thin see through light bread.

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Long Time eh?

October 5th, 2004 (11:20 am)

Well the wayward one comes home eh? Yeah i haven't updated in a while especially after my .6 pound gain this week.

I ceased taking birth control. I started not taking it last week which made me feel guilty and i doubled up to make up for the pill i missed at like 2am. Wouldn't you know the next day while having class in the library at school I got sick to my stomach and threw up in the restroom after eating an apple and drinking a cup of tea (my effort at making myself feel better). Hopefully the scale will show something because of this. I ended up getting my period two weeks early because i stopped midcycle and so im not starting my new pills until next time.

Anyways....my birthday was this past weekend. Chad took me out to dinner and I tried the best i could to stay OP. I ended up getting pasta with an olive oil sauce with shrimp spinach and tomato with a salad on the side. Lucky for me I didn't finish it. I made myself not finish it, the last thing i wanted to do is gain this week. But chad ended up buying me a cake and I stupidly ate two pieces with two big helpings of full fat chocolate ice cream. Though I was smart and started counting strictly sunday.

What really excites me is that Chad bought me a rice/veggie steamer. I have been wanting one for the longest time and I cannot wait to start steaming all different kinds of veggies.

Here are some good finds......Sunday I ate a chicken teriaki sub at subway. it was so good and didnt even need sauce! woo! I also managed to get it without cheese and it was good! (major cheese fiend here).

Also, chad and i made the best stuffed peppers on friday night.

we made them with:

red peppers, ground turkey, rice (use brown!), chipotle peppers in adobo sauce,corn, egg, salsa and monteray jack cheese (i believe they make fat free)

but anyways we browned the turkey in a fry pan and mixed it with the rice, egg, chillies and some corn and stuff it all inside the pepper and bake for about 30-45 minutes. when time is up top with salsa and cheese and bake five more minutes. totally yummy!

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