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New Year, New Attitude

January 3rd, 2006 (10:03 pm)

Well here I am again. It has been a while since I have updated this journal. I have decided since it is a new year that I am going to change my attitude. I have gained back almost all of the weight that I lost on WW in the last three years. There for a while I just didn't care I would just sit there and feel sorry for myself after I ate a bunch of crap.

So far I am off to a good start. I stuck to my points today quite well. I ate breakfast that consisted of Yoplait light yogurt and some WW vanilla cinnamon cereal on top. For lunch I had a chicken salad made from left over chicken that I marinated and baked the oven last night. And for dinner tonight we had moroccan chicken legs with Rice A Roni (made with Pam instead of butter or margerine!) green beans and a salad. I am left with enough points to enjoy a slim-a-bear klondike before bed.

Also, Chad and I started walking tonight. We walked pretty damn far. I am so glad that we moved to a place that actually allows us to walk. When he lived in the apartment there wasn't anywhere to walk, if we wanted to walk we had to walk around the parkinglot like idiots, or we had to drive to take a walk which was rather contradictory.

I am also quite proud of myself because I journaled. Journaling has been pretty hard for me lately. I try to do it and i just sort of quit somewhere in the middle of the day. I can do this. I really can. I 've done it before. I just need to take it day by day.

This really isn't on the subject of WW but the birth control that I am on right now is freakin awesome. I don't think that I rave about it enough. I haven't gained massive amounts of weight while taking it like I did when I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen. I have been taking Yasmin since the beginning of October and I feel awesome. When I was on Ortho I was mean, nasty, and i was eating everything in sight. With Yasmin, it makes me want to eat less since sometimes it makes my sense of smell stronger.

Anyways, I am going to wait for Chad to get out of the shower so that we can watch Alton Brown together and I can eat my slim-a-bear! Oh yeah, tomorrow I am going to try one of the new Lean Cuisine Panini Sandwiches. I love the veggie panini from Houlihans which is why I decided to try the LC one. Look for a review tomorrow!

Love Yas