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leanmeank [userpic]

What Frosts My Flakes (A Grocery Store Rant that only a few esteemed colleagues will read)

October 5th, 2004 (09:44 pm)

Tonight I had to do my grocery shopping since there was really nothing to eat in my house and dad was complaining. So anyways I'm cruising Walmart because its the only cheap place to grocery shop anymore even though i feel insanely dirty after shopping there. There is one thing besides the prices that keep me shopping there and that is the Weight Watchers Brand bread. Lately though I have been having a hard time finding it since I am from a pretty small area, but I always going and try to find it only to have my hopes dashed. Tonight was no different, it wasn't there only the nasty weight watchers bagels that turn my stomach.

I read a thread the other day on the weight watchers message boards about fluffernutter sandwiches and i was insanely excited to see the jar of fluff in the holiday baking aisle in between the grocery side and the walmart side. Of course I jumped at the chance to buy a 96 cent jar of fluff to make into marshmallowy/peanutbuttery goodness. The real battle was about to ensue, however, I had to go find bread.

So i cruised nonchalantly down the bread aisle trying to keep my eyes peeled for packaging that screamed out LIGHT! to me. Of course i came across two brands, wonder and schwabels none of which i wanted. I spied some delicious brownberry buttermilk bread that i honestly crave some days, i also found some rich oatmeal and nine grain breads that claim to be healthy only to have me look at the label only to see that the serving size is one slice and the calories are through the roof while the fiber content hangs out on the grocery store floor. This is when I get upset.

I feel that i am punished for trying to better myself. 65% percent of this country is overweight, I unfortunately am one of those people. I am a statistic, been there, done that, wrote the book, and designed the fucking tshirt. I don't want to be this way, I want to be a success story, but i find it getting harder and harder. I to want to eat like my friends, i want to enjoy cheese cake, i want to enjoy alcohol, i want to eat tons of cheese, I want to be normal, and above all, I want to be healthy. Unfortunately though, I have to pick my battles and I know that I can't have all that stuff and still be healthy. I know with weight watchers i can eat those things but i want to eat them without feeling bad about it later. and generally i do feel bad after i eat certain things. Hell, it has even gotten to the point in my birth control weight gain that I am afraid to eat anything. To me everything is the enemy, i stared that enemy in the face, the enemy that was white, light and fluffy, though I am proud to say that I defeated this enemy with flying colors and bought that nasty ass thin see through light bread.