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leanmeank [userpic]

May 17th, 2006 (09:54 pm)

OK, I'm again, but for reals this time.

Today went quite smoothly except for the fact that its wednesday and I usually splurge on wednesdays. I decided to go at WW at a different angle. I realized that my metabolism, well, sucks. I did some research online last night and came up with some information on how to boost the metabolism without supplements. The key is to consume more B vitamins, B vitamins stimulate the metabolism. I also read to eat smaller meals through out the day. Since I work, eating a few meals a day is a little hard for me, so I just packed my breakfast (I didn't have time to finish it at home today), my lunch, a 100 calorie package of ritz chips and some fruit and veggie snacks. My new strategy is eat my snacks when I get hungry, what a concept!

What I read also said to get moving. Lucky for me the weather managed to clear up enough today for me to go to Brady's Run Park and walk two miles after work this afternoon. I tried to do three miles but my ankle that I sprained two years ago, started to hurt me really bad. It has been giving a ton problems lately. It has been hurting and theres some swelling. : (

Friday is pay day and I am going to Target to pick up a stability ball and hopefully a video to go along with it. I read that with the Leslie Sansone (I just can't get enough of her!)you can loose a significant amount of inches if done 2-3 times a week. Chad and I are also looking to buy me a bike so that we can ride around. I haven't ridden a bike since I was about 14 when I used to go to the trails around here.

While it seems that I was good today and have everything figured out, I'm not all that good. I skipped weigh in tonight (i had a bad week)and I ate alot of Pizza Joes Veggie Pizza (6pts a slice), but I am going to redeem myself. Tomorrow Chad and I are going to the Olive Garden when he gets back from San Francisco and I already know what I am getting. I am going to get the minestrone soup instead of the salad (i end up wasting it because Chad doesn't eat it), and the linguine marina (lunch portion) made with wheat pasta instead of the regular pasta. I am also going to have the server bring only enough breadsticks for Chad. Also, Chad was going to get me pierogies from Ambridge on Friday and I told him tonight not to. I don't need them and the butter that they come swimming in (and taste so wonderfully in!). Also, I told him I will not eat anything when we go to Nationality Days on Saturday. I swear to God, this has worked before and it will work again!



Posted by: rachel (glowbutt)
Posted at: May 18th, 2006 04:08 am (UTC)

I bought a stability ball a few weeks ago, but didn't actually do the dvd that came with it until yesterday...it was actually FUN, hoorah for exercise being entertaining...I'm actually ticked that I can't do it again tommorrow because there's a stupid inspector between 9 and 1 coming and I'd rather not be bouncing and rolling about with a giant ball while he's here:-P...but hopefully you end up liking yours too!

Funny about the bike too, we've been thinking about buying bikes recently, and I also can't recall the last time I rode a bike for real, I think it was around 12 or so...jason made me ride his BMX bike in some stupid attempt to prove to him that I'm still capable of riding a bike before we go out and buy anything (which so isn't fair, people aren't supposed to ride bikes that small damn it, my ability to pedal that stupid thing has nothing to do with my ability on a normal size bike)...but I'm happy to report that, like they say, you really can't forget how to ride a bike no matter how long it is:-P

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